Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Indeed, I live in incredible India!

When I see the pace and of course the zenith of the development of my motherland my heart gets as delighted as much as it gets after I’ve my butterscotch. For eg., When the giants failed, we, the Indians, could stand against the meltdown like a strong iceberg; And while we are on the top of that iceberg enjoying the view, how does it matter that around a million or two cannot manage to obtain food.Well, the statistics favour us; and hence, our economy is getting stronger. We’ve reached great technological heights. Now, we’re not just technology users but also technology providers. We’ve reached so far by sending our own Chandrayaan  to moon. And of course we, the technology conscious have to be least bothered about billions of homeless. After all we don’t want our development to cease because of those million homeless and jobless. We, being the true Indians and followers of Bhagwad Gita selflessly dedicate all our karmas to almighty and undoubtedly we’re doing all this for our nation with the least interest of our own. Not just this, we’ve been strengthening the youth of our nation. Our laborious politicians have been making excursions, oops rallies, all over the nation to empower youth and women. And this is so much important, even more than providing the cream of our nation with the faculty, facilities and equipments to unleash their powers, leave along the average student. We’ve definitely traveled a long way, all through these sixty years and are now not just free from the British rule but also from the social chains, thanks to the education. And you don’t have to be perturbed to see the matrimonial columns of our newspapers still divided into Sharma’s and Gupta’s and the fact that every column still starts from a beautiful word ‘fair’! 
Not just this we’ve become smarter to say all this, to discuss all this and to, in our best way, inspire others to work, with these words imprinted on the lifeless paper, every now and then, so that by the mere satisfaction of having said it, we go for a sound, carefree sleep, just to wake up next morning and like true nation lovers, re-read the same issues, and yet re-discuss them!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When cocoon breaks

When a caterpillar comes out of cocoon, expecting a cool breeze, it witnesses a hot storm carrying with it the stones and dirt. The purity of heart, sanctity of thoughts and selflessness of actions gets entangled in the threads of power, money and self-interest often garnished with a silver layer of love for family and friends, and adaptability with society, misleading the darkness beneath as being the sweetness. And the day is not far, when we treat our own, so called deeply embedded, carefully laid principles of honesty, truthfulness, benevolence and generosity as convicts. And that’s not all, we make them stand in our brain’s court of justice, forgetting that this brain is no more a word of our consciousness, inner self but is instead drained with doubt, disloyalty, greed and vanity. A brain, whose trustful rope of judgment with Him has reduced to a thin chord still trying to harmonize the relation with the half burnt soul(trying to overcome the monster of desires all alone). And the gems, honesty and generosity are questioned like convicts and potential criminals. The corrupt judge oversees all the arguments of the honest lawyer, the soul but believes the fake proofs of beautiful eyes. And the trial goes on and on, with honesty and generosity being questioned cruelly, eternally and the soul trying to liberate them every moment from the tyrannies of our own heart and so called intellect!

My hateful love for life

I hate this life so deeply,
Almost as deeply as i love it
Hasting through the path of life
I slowed down, just to see
Those shattered dreams
lying unfulfilled in the shackles
yearning to come alive some day.
Those scared faces,
Counting every tick of the clock in His hope,
Waiting to be liberated from atrocities of life
Intricately designed with care by their fellow mates
Those beseeching eyes,
drowned in the ocean of tears,
All lined up at the shore,
And waves asking for shelter in me.

I hate this life so deeply,
Almost as deeply I love it
Filled with momentary emotions and love,
I thought if I could help
Only to realize, I was no stronger than them
Acutely handicapped by the strings of materialistic society,
Entrapped deeply in those luxuries,
That are now closer to me than my creator Himself
Those games of names and fames played with my half burnt soul
Those trumpets of good and bad that blown with pride
Those words of kindness and benevolence written only to be imprinted on that paper
Are all too good to be left
For those shattered dreams, that are not mine
For those scared faces, whom I call strangers
For those beseeching eyes, which are more than I can care for.

A heavy chain of guilt and remorse
Is forged around my soul
Which says, thrusting it upon the human nature
Ways of society and life, on human mortality
Would still render me helpless, shamfaced
For deep within my heart I know
With myself I drag it always
Unseen, unintended, undesired and unknown!

As the clock ticks on

At times, when we sit back and observe the way things are going we realize that we've been walking quite fast, in the name of achieving so called success leaving behind our shadow, the very reflection of our true inner self. As the clock ticks on, we not only grow older, we grow wiser. We learn how to deceive people and even our own self. We know how to bear false smile and how to hide emotions. We learn how to like only those things that can help us gain something more realistic than just satisfaction. And this is not all, we lose the innocence and simplicity of speech that we possessed as a child. The intelligence we attain also helps us rename our deceptions as a part of sophisticated behavior. And then at some point we wish to unlearn it all, but.....

Peep through my heart

When I peep through my heart’s window
I see my immortal soul
It complains its solitude
It yells at me for leaving it alone.

Caught in the cobwebs of life
Threads of materialism
Lost in the fake beauty of world
It reminds, I’ve forgotten
The very first link with life.

Seeing my heart filled with tears of anguish
My never-failing friend
Forgives me, wipes off my tears
And we talk with a promise
I shall not forget it again.

We talk, on and on
From dusk though dawn
I share my longings,
my heart’s ecstasies

When I find myself alone
It silently comes and sits beside me
When I reach an impasse,
It shows the way out.

And then after few moments
I fail to keep my words,
Lost in the beauty of world
I walk off, leaving it alone.