Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paradox of comprehension

Being a person of sub-normal intelligence,i don't understand, things unsaid, i don't know how to say no when yes is all i believe in, i don't understand that the question wasn't asked to share my views instead to just reinforce that which i believe is untrue, i've always ended up saying what i believe in(which indeed is sometimes different from what i want to), mostly unconsciously! And the beautiful path i see people(it might sound offensive to say them people, but they would understand i mean my dearest friends), who would not interpret something negatively, even if i intend it to be so. While quite surprisingly, i faced a situation, where i unwantedly, unknowingly offended someone whom i was supposed to respect. Standing while talking to your teacher, i always thought was a way of showing respect to him, though i realised it might be interpreted otherwise. All my blog readers, i request you to talk to God, for i know, knowingly or unknowingly hurting someone who is your teacher is something, He does not forgive, He would not forgive!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A small story that kept me thinking........

Tired from the first day of the training, less because of long travel, more on seeing the lethargy and indifference of our so called "mentor" or i should say, our to be mentor who i doubt will ever be able to guide us, i returned home with most of me hopes shattered! Those that were still alive were because of my own mentor's enlightening words. I described the situation to me father casually, expressing my grief over what was happening in the nation's one of the best organisation, and he as he always does, narrated me a story. He said, once there was a farmer,he was quite worried because of a few kids who used to eat all his fruits everyday. One day, he injected some poison in one of the fruits and a board there that read " CAUTION: ONE OF THE FRUITS IS POISONOUS". So, that day, the kids, they just come and see that and go away without eating the fruits. The farmer gets delighted and satisfied. The next morning, the board read "CAUTION:TWO FRUITS HERE ARE POISONOUS"
My father added, if some people or may be you can say more people are bad in an organization, that does not mean, you'll do the same thing for that will not help!