Friday, May 13, 2011

Deep in anger I was….

All filled with ire, like flames of fire,
World seemed to be in mire of disgust,
I saw a happy rose, swinging in the air of my wrath,
I stared, it smiled, I stared some more, it smiled some more
I turned my face high, it danced in the happiness
With a red face, deep in anger, I stared again,
But at last, I had to paint a smile on my face

Spreading the wings of its petals,
My happy rose said, take my three advices,
And you would be happy like me forever,
Still deep in anger I was, but I nodded.

Angry you are, I understand,
But listen to me, listen to everyone,
Listen to the one you’re angry at,
For just one failure to listen,
May bestow upon you regret for lifetime.

Angry you are, I understand
But even if you are wise,
Answer not someone in anger,
For anger makes you bitter.

Angry you are, I understand,
But even if you are right,
Punish not someone in anger,
For anger makes you a beast,
And men of humanity, not beasts
Yes, not beasts have such rights.

The painted smile was now colored,
Colored by the enlightenment,
Smile was now my own, my heart’s ecstasy,
My intellectual mind posed a savior question,
Oh, why this anger does not leave me?

My happy rose was an intellectual too,
Cleverly he continued,
Angry you were, I understand
But make sure, the anger holds you
And not you hold the anger,
For anger leaves you, as promptly as it comes,
It’s you, yes it’s you who does not leave it.