Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I wish one could see the other.....

Walking on the populated street,
I saw two of the children sweet,
There was one whose caring father held his hand,
And then there was the other, carrying his sibling.
There was one, crying for a bigger chocolate,
And then there was the other, eating bread crumbs happily.
There was one, happily sitting in the car looking at bigger ones
And then there was the other, walking barefoot on and on.
There was one, buying chandelier for his home,
And then there was the other, seeing water dropping from the roof.
There was one, fighting for the bigger, red remote car,
And then there was the other, cleaning the real cars on road.
There was one, buying red, yellow and pink from Lilliputs
And then there was the other, fighting cold and sun all on his own.
There was one, jumping in his new woodland shoes,
And then there was the other, polishing shoes helplessly.
There was one, smiling all day like a prince, the king of his home
And then there was the other, crying for love.
There was one, asking for his desires to be fulfilled,
And then there was the other, waiting for his needs to be fulfilled.
I wish one could see the other, one could help the other.
I desire, one sees the other, one helps the other.
I believe one would see the other, one would help the other.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

When God stops endorsing what you think for yourself, then the best strategy is to just wait and watch what He has thought for you.... Because God has to either give you what you want or what He wants to.... Certainly, He's not going to leave you midway....!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Liberation from anger...

Today morning, probably due to tiredness, i responded badly to my papa. Then, the very next moment, i said to him " Sorry papa, i don't know why i am feeling so angry right in the morning." He smiled and said that it was okay. He started telling me a story which goes like : Once there was a king, very intelligent, very wise but had one dis-quality that he was short-tempered. He goes to a wise sage and says to him "Oh Mahatma! I don't know why i cannot get rid of this anger. Why does this anger not leave me?" The sage smiles and asks him to sit down. Then, sage goes to near the iron pole, a big, strong iron pole and holds it with both his arms and starts shouting " Oh God, help me! Why this iron pole isn't leaving me? Someone help!" The king rushes from his place and tells sage that he was himself holding the pole and not vice-versa. Then, sage says to the king " Just like i was holding this pole and thought that the pole was holding me, similarly, it's you who is holding the feeling of anger in your heart. You can liberate yourself from that feeling."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The attempt to buy freedom....

Right from childhood, we want freedom, freedom from the parental control, freedom from the studies and to buy it, we work hard. Yes we would work hard on Sunday morning so that, we can go out and play in the evening, without mom calling after an hour to return and do the homework. Then, as we grow up, pass out from our colleges, we realise we've to work, work alot; and we carve for ourself a shorter path. We go for post graduation, where we again work alot. That's out attempt to buy freedom from the pyramid of slow growth, and freedom to take decisive roles. Then, we join the companies, and then instead of reaching the office at 9 am, we reach at 8:30 am - just to buy freedom, freedom from the control of the boss. As we grow up further, we become part of family, with greater responsibilities. And then, we work towards them, just as our parents are doing for us - to buy freedom for ourselves in the old age. And then we grow old, we again desire to go to heaven or in Hinduism we call it, merging with God almighty and freedom from the life cycle; but we fear death.
I wonder we could, instead of running, stroll through the beautiful garden of life, take that sip of tea, look at the clouds more often, dream our dreams, talk our heart, smile more freely and realize the purpose of our one, wonderful life. I wish we could have ambitions not just for ourselves, but for others too...... I wish......

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Small things matter, yes they do!

Well, an old student of mine came to visit me today and while conversing raised a question "How does it matter if i am honest, if i am good, if i am sincere when rest everyone is not. How, the fact that i don't pay a bribe, would matter in a system which is immersed in corruption?" This one's for him. Yes, small things matter. They do. As an individual, i might be smaller than a speck on the great wall of universe, or may be even lesser but it matters; It matters to me, it matters to those who love me, it matters to those who respect me, it matters to my parents, my mentor, my teachers; it does. This reminds me of the story of Ramayana. When the bridge was being built on the ocean, it was being built by an army of monkeys, bears and vultures - all majestic creatures. A squirrel tried to help in the construction of the bridge and she was laughed at by monkeys. However, when Ram noticed, he acknowledged her effort and desire, and blessed her(that's why squirrels have stripes). What do you think was the contribution of that squirrel in the construction of the bridge? Nothing may be, that's true! Did it matter for the construction of the bridge? No, it didn't. But there's something more to it. It mattered to the squirrel, to Ram. And that outweighs everything or for that sake everyone else!