Saturday, February 5, 2011

Three tests that will never.... ever let you down...

When you are in the biggest of your dilemmas of whether to do something or not, whether to say something or not, and whether to listen your heart or your head....or if you think, your soul has become silent for a while... use either or all of these tests... and if either fails, trust me, with a blind eye do the other way round....
1. G-test
Yes, i call it guru test. Think for a while if your mentor would ever give you a suggestion to do what you want to... Or if you will ever let your student that... And if the answer is No, it's the time to re-think or probably stop there and then..

2. M-Test
I call it, Mom-test. Think for a while, if your mom sees you doing that or listens you saying that, will she be proud of you...? Will that make her happy? If the answer is No, you've more than self-rejected your own proposition.

3. P-Test
That's papa-test. Think for a while if you see your father doing that or saying that, will you feel good? Will you still respect him and think that he's a sage and kindest of all the people you know? If the answer is No, God forbid, please stop, lest on your death bed you shall not be able to respect yourself...

All that might sound silly, and i must ensure it is, indeed it is. However, silly things sometimes help and work more often than not...!