Thursday, December 27, 2012

Anger at its best

I'd always believed that getting angry is not a good way to express discontent. While I still believe anger is not the right way, but I think what people say to you when they are angry reveals two things:
1. Who they are?
2. What kind of a person they think you are?
It's very easy to restrain your words and thoughts when you are all happy, but it's only when you are angry that your real sense and thoughts get revealed. What people tell you when they are angry at you at times gives you a food for thought. So, next time somebody gets angry at you, do think objectively about what they said and how they said; you might get wonderful insights into yourselves and them :)

P.S. Yes, it might result into you analyzing the situation and forgetting to respond in an angry way #Added incentive it is ;-)

Monday, December 24, 2012

I'll miss :)

So, 18 months ago, when my parents dropped me at hostel with all my stuff and then left all of a sudden, I felt awkward. I thought how could I "stay" at a place where I didn't have my family 24*7. How could I not have "my bed", "my table", "my almirah" and "my bookshelf"? How could I not call "Mom, please give me food, no?" from my room? How could I not yell " Aman, can you increase the volume of your stupid movie further? Actually, it's audible to me but not our neighbors. " How could I not tell my daadi " Oh yeah! I thought you had said you weren't going to worry? " How could I not call my Papa at random times and say "Papa, gol gappe khilaoge?" And then, I roamed about our small campus with Rumjhum, sneaked into Priyam, Riya and Pallavi's room to see my roomies. When I complained about the bad food, worse whitewash on the walls and not so comfortable mattress, my closest people told me that I was going to miss hostel really bad. And I always said, until 5 days ago "Oh! Come on! I am going to miss my friends, but not hostel. Never!" I ran home 19 out first 24 days ( And yes, I kind of lied to do that ). I rushed home every Friday at 16:00:01 hrs or 18:30:01 hrs depending on when my class finished and then came back happy Sunday night. During those last 239 days, I never realized I talked and gossiped with these friends, I made their fun, had those very nice maggies with them, those nice coffees and yes, talked for an hour for every 5 mins of study,  snatched chocolates, laughed for hours without reason and rambled for hours after planning a 15 mins of coffee. I never realized I love those moments, until when I spent one of those last few talk nights and had one of the last few maggies. I love these moments so deeply, almost as deeply as I hate being away from home.