Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My two worlds

Cuddling teddy, lovely dolls,
That only sing, stare and speak
That important smile, of my own
That sweet pic, those pink and blue clips
That wooden pencil, those yummy chocolates
That green spinach, which only popeye liked
When happiness meant, a butterscotch
And sadness was it melting away before i could eat
When loss meant, my doll breaking away
my teddy tearing away, and regain meant
a bigger teddy, a better barbie
When fear was only breaking away of those wooden pencils
Cute brother eating my, my chocolates, all of them
When hardship was to eat that spinach
And reward was an extra chocolate
When smile was lost at father denying me something
And came back flashing at his gentle kiss.
When understanding meant, knowing more than two chocolates was harmful
When i thought world was useless without me
When i thought, i knew, i am the princess
For world only meant to me, those who loved me
Those who cared for me and those for whom i’m the world

The clock ticked on, the wheel rotated,
The world unknown started clearing, the big-day came,
And I realised, I finally did realise
 the dolls and teddys are not the only things broken
That it hurts more when hearts and dreams break
Only bigger teddy’s and better dolls come
Not better humans and if something gets bigger, it’s hardships
That smile, is not always good, it hides the bad within
That understanding was much more than the number of chocolates
That spinach was easier to digest, than disrespect
That world isn’t just that small window through which i peeped
And saw only those beautiful flowers, that there are thorns!
But, i still remain the princess of that world, that’s just mine
And that father’s kiss, still brings that heart’s peaceful flashing smile.