Saturday, January 8, 2011

When your mentor says "God bless you..." and you feel, you know that God indeed blessed you....!

There i was four years back, after preparing tirelessly for JEE right from 23 April'05 to 31 May'07, and getting admission into the so called "government" and "best" college of my hometown's university drowned deep into the wells of despair... looking at God, for giving me some explanation.... I fought with God, i got annoyed, i accused Him of neglecting me, and that's not all, i cried sitting in his lap, still fighting with Him though.... Not just for days, for months but for a year... i remained calm... praying Him, respecting Him everyday... but i didn't talk to Him... And then, He said to me with a smile... See what i've in this bag for you... Two people, who would love you, be with you forever, millions of blessings every morning, loads of smiles, birthday songs every year.... And ofcourse, what you so very wanted from me.... an institution of your choice.... And trust me, you now know and understand that institution better... He smiled yet again, and said to me in His baritone... "You're My child... you may fight Me... but I love you, I care for you and so, I ensured, if I could not there be with you all the time, I've My reflection and My angel, so that you can learn the ways of world, without getting hurt with their harshness... And now you know that."