Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My letter to an angel or i should say "The Angel"

My dearest angel,

Well, you're an angel - because you're good, way too good. But you're an enlightened angel, in the sense that you know everyone out here isn't as good or even a neg less good as you. Also, you have some counted people in your life whom you respect and who you think are good people. However, it so happens at times that the people who "appear" to be good turn out to be just the same - selfish, political and callous. And it hurts! Yes, it does! I agree, I understand or at least that's what I claim.
Now, I want to tell you a story and here it goes( I always speak before you can ask me to just shut my mouth):
There was a sage called Uttanka who stood in the middle of the desert.  He was suddenly thirsty. He remembered a promise made to him by Krishna long ago, “I will bring you the nectar of the gods whenever you genuinely yearn for it.”  Yes, that is what Uttanka genuinely wanted at that moment: nectar of the gods.   He shut his eyes and wished for it.  He opened his eyes expecting a smiling Krishna to stand there with a cup brimming with sparkling nectar.  There was no Krishna. There was no one, just a vast sandy emptiness stretching to the horizon.
Uttanka was irritated.  He shut his eyes once more and wished for nectar and remembered Krishna fervently.  This time when he opened his eyes, he saw a beggar covered with filth holding a dirty stinking bowl in his hand. It contained water. “Drink,” said the beggar, “You look thirsty.”  Uttanka turned away from him, repelled by his ugliness. The beggar went away.
Uttanka was now parched. In fury he yelled, “Keep your promise, Krishna.”  A voice boomed from the sky, “I did. I forced Indra to offer you a bowl of nectar.   He just did. And you just refused.”  It dawned on Uttanaka that the filthy beggar who offered him a bowl of water was actually Indra offering him nectar.  He had assumed how Indra should look.  He had paid a price for his assumption.
 Keeping faith on your linguistic skills, and being brief( apparent to myself) I assume you understood what I so very wanted to convey - "You had an assumption, a long one, so much so that it had become hypothesis of some of your actions or so to say and now that the hypothesis has fallen flat, you must pay the price. Negotiate the price, and ensure that you pay the minima. That's the game theory way! Just do it!"
Now that you have listened so much, I'll come to our actual terminologies - yes, you guessed it right - Digital Signal Processing. It's like a Gibb's Phenomenon. In an ideal situation, all the happiness is in the fat main lobe and the side lobes tend to zero energy.However, being an electronics engineer with DSP major you know that there are two "prominent" side lobes with the main lobe. Trust me, but this one was one of those prominent lobes.
So, the last thing, as your mentor says " Khush Raho, Mast Raho". Be happy, keep smiling. There're a lot of people who love you and respect you; and for them you're their life.

With million smiles and lots of love,
Your FriendForever


Bhavna said...

I love the way how you have related one thing with the other.. Uttanka's story with game theory with gibb's phenomenon.. and how beautifully everything fits.. i am sure your angel will be delighted on reading this. :)

Priya Juneja said...

:) Thank you... Thank you... And yes, my angel got happy after reading this :) Indeed..

Bhavna said...