Friday, January 14, 2011

FACULTY OF WONDER..... Dream"y" College

The vision of this institution is to help you unlearn all that you've unconsciously learned over the years through society and culture and you never wanted to. It aims to make you realize how amazing the world is, how incredible is it to be alive, what it means that we are mortals and the way a new born would have looked at this world, could he speak.
Anyone from neg infinity years to infinity years of age can apply  provided the applicant meets the following conditions :
1. Ready to learn and unlearn(loop unrolling).
2. Understands that once the familiar becomes strange, it's never quite the same again.
3. Believes that skepticism cannot resolve, either the cases or the principles.

The duration might vary from 4 years( 1 year for each subject) to lifetime depending on the person's interests and speed.

The students of the course are required to choose freely from the subjects given below in the order that suits them.
* Bhagwad Gita
The manual for life. Irrespective of which religion you belong to, whether you believe in God almighty or not, it'll give you an insight into rights and wrongs, dos and donts of life. It'll teach you the power of belief and answer all your questions. It is suggested to be taken up as the first  subject to be taken up. It'll transform you from a human to a humanE being.

*Stumble upon yourself
This involves standing right in the front of mirror, the way a child looks at a cat when he sees it for the first time - with amazement, with curiosity. The answer to the biggest question : "Who am i?". The question seems to be unanswerable and you may agrue - who are we here to find the answer when millions, more intellectual than us haven't. True, but the fact that the question has persisted and recurred suggests that though impossible to be found in one sense, it's unavoidable in another because we leave some answer to this question everyday.

*Justice and righteousness
Is it okay to torture suspects to find if they were involved in the last attack? Would you steal a medicine for your child's survival? Would you save a disabled person or a so called normal person, if you could save only one of them? Would you spend a crore to save someone dying or rather go on a world tour? Is it right to lie sometimes?
This course attempts to answer these questions.

* Game theory of life
This course attempts to explain life using game theory. It explains why, what often forces things to happen the same way so often. It explores the games we play in boardrooms, constitutions, relationships and the patterns of behaviour that reveal our hidden feeling and emotions. It shows the underlying motivation behind everything and explores the roles, games we're forced to play. It shows how the equilibrium situation, for everyone is to play strategically.

The institution is not responsible for the change in thinking patterns of the student. The student must understand the risks of the course. Also, the student needs to understand that self-knowledge is like lost innocence, it can never be regained however hard you may try.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

When your mentor says "God bless you..." and you feel, you know that God indeed blessed you....!

There i was four years back, after preparing tirelessly for JEE right from 23 April'05 to 31 May'07, and getting admission into the so called "government" and "best" college of my hometown's university drowned deep into the wells of despair... looking at God, for giving me some explanation.... I fought with God, i got annoyed, i accused Him of neglecting me, and that's not all, i cried sitting in his lap, still fighting with Him though.... Not just for days, for months but for a year... i remained calm... praying Him, respecting Him everyday... but i didn't talk to Him... And then, He said to me with a smile... See what i've in this bag for you... Two people, who would love you, be with you forever, millions of blessings every morning, loads of smiles, birthday songs every year.... And ofcourse, what you so very wanted from me.... an institution of your choice.... And trust me, you now know and understand that institution better... He smiled yet again, and said to me in His baritone... "You're My child... you may fight Me... but I love you, I care for you and so, I ensured, if I could not there be with you all the time, I've My reflection and My angel, so that you can learn the ways of world, without getting hurt with their harshness... And now you know that."