Friday, March 30, 2012

My two take aways from the first year at IIFT

Before IIFT, without any exaggeration I had been in a very protected environment, in a group of people largely similar to myself and I had that magical solution to all my problems " A wonderful dinner with Mom, Papa, Bhaai and Daadi at home with the ever so beautiful talk". And I only knew one thing about people and life in general " People are good" and "Life is beautiful". But, in IIFT I got to know 24 * 7 observation of how things work and here're two key things I learnt:
1. You can still deal with people; even if they are not idealistic
When my father used to tell me that you can let go the fact that people are not as truthful as you think they should be, I always used to look at him and say "Come on! You taught me that. And it's okay; this is not what I need to say to sympathize me. Never mind." He always said that everyone has some qualities, and you'll get to know those if you stay with them for long enough. And that I would like to work and be with anyone and everyone if only, I could give them enough chances, so many that they finally impress me. I never agreed with him. But here, at IIFT I saw that, I felt that. And I think, it's going to help me be a better person :)
2. Sincerity is just one aspect of the play; there's more to it
I come in the category of those typical people who believe that sincerity and hard work can help you do anything. Yes, I still believe that there's no alternative to sincerity and hard work; and that a sincere person is any day better off than the one who's not. However, there's more to sincerity; one has to be competent enough. If you are sincere, but you are not competent enough to perform on time and do not bring anything for the team, you might get a couple of chances but it'll be only half the ingredients for achieving anything.
And of course, the most important thing that got re-emphasized - Sometimes it just helps that you have some your people(refers to P3R3) around yourself :) They might not say anything but that they are there gives you assurance, satisfaction and happiness.


Yashna said...

Wonderfully written!! And truly written!!

Ankit said...

That's what you took away from IIFT? Most people would have aimed for a high paying job ....