Sunday, October 7, 2012

Life is beautiful

Walking on the green grass, sipping through the coffee,
Life is beautiful, indeed it is,
I saw those two little bare feet flit over the ground,
I wished they were the tender little feet enjoying the grass.

Sitting on the side of the ocean, playing with the beautiful sand
Life is beautiful, indeed it is
I saw those little empty eyes, looking across ocean,
I wished they were relishing the beauty of vastness of ocean.

Dancing in the rain, feeling the fresh drops of love,
Life is beautiful, indeed it is,
I saw those little weak hands,
I wished they were feeling the purity of rain drops.

Those two little bare feet strayed into my heart,
And left an everlasting sadness in my smile.
Those two little empty eyes peeped into my eyes,
And left me waiting with that lingering pity in their look.
Those two little weak hands touched upon my soul,
And lightly impressed on the dust the chronicle of their need,
to be erased by a passing breeze of my beautiful life.