Thursday, May 23, 2013

The garden of happiness

I went to my garden of happiness
And I saw what I had never seen
The birds of love were all sad,
Where they used to be chirping songs of love,
The green trees of faith had all gone pale,
Where they used to be standing upright
The breeze of peace was all still
Where it used to blow with serenity

And I saw what I had never seen
The strong wind of greed,
Blew my selfless love for life
The unfathomable lake of selfishness,
Drowned away the purity of my heart’s smile,
The deep, dark clouds of dishonesty
Overshadowed the beauty of my soul.


KK said...

This is what greed indeed is: replacing the love for our own thoughts or for others with a longing for things, one that increases with the more we get of these 'things.'

Great thoughts!