Saturday, May 28, 2016

What if life was a drawing?

I have always loved drawing over painting. For one, I am less terrible at drawing than I am at painting. Furthermore, the luxury of  being able to go back and rectify things is rather quaint and tempting. Paintings can be revamped; you sure can paint the entire canvas black and then start over with no choice in background and restrictions in the colours. You cannot afford to go wrong again as revamping again is not even an option and you can't really fix paint seamlessly. Drawings on the other hand can be easily changed through an eraser and a few strokes of pencil. I think life is a painting rather than a drawing. My intuition tells me I would be better off if it was a drawing instead. Then, I realized there is a huge difference in "a" drawing and "the" life - fear of the unknown. If my life was an average drawing rather than an average painting, would I take the risk of erasing and starting over with the uncertainty of ending up with a worse or better painting? Would I be ready to take the downside for an upside? Would I not succumb to the temptation of trying to fix the painting I have grown to love? If I was ready to take the downside, I would just get a new canvas and start a new painting.


Mitali said...

Life is a painting..
Its paint brush is in our hands..