Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Peep through my heart

When I peep through my heart’s window
I see my immortal soul
It complains its solitude
It yells at me for leaving it alone.

Caught in the cobwebs of life
Threads of materialism
Lost in the fake beauty of world
It reminds, I’ve forgotten
The very first link with life.

Seeing my heart filled with tears of anguish
My never-failing friend
Forgives me, wipes off my tears
And we talk with a promise
I shall not forget it again.

We talk, on and on
From dusk though dawn
I share my longings,
my heart’s ecstasies

When I find myself alone
It silently comes and sits beside me
When I reach an impasse,
It shows the way out.

And then after few moments
I fail to keep my words,
Lost in the beauty of world
I walk off, leaving it alone.