Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Indeed, I live in incredible India!

When I see the pace and of course the zenith of the development of my motherland my heart gets as delighted as much as it gets after I’ve my butterscotch. For eg., When the giants failed, we, the Indians, could stand against the meltdown like a strong iceberg; And while we are on the top of that iceberg enjoying the view, how does it matter that around a million or two cannot manage to obtain food.Well, the statistics favour us; and hence, our economy is getting stronger. We’ve reached great technological heights. Now, we’re not just technology users but also technology providers. We’ve reached so far by sending our own Chandrayaan  to moon. And of course we, the technology conscious have to be least bothered about billions of homeless. After all we don’t want our development to cease because of those million homeless and jobless. We, being the true Indians and followers of Bhagwad Gita selflessly dedicate all our karmas to almighty and undoubtedly we’re doing all this for our nation with the least interest of our own. Not just this, we’ve been strengthening the youth of our nation. Our laborious politicians have been making excursions, oops rallies, all over the nation to empower youth and women. And this is so much important, even more than providing the cream of our nation with the faculty, facilities and equipments to unleash their powers, leave along the average student. We’ve definitely traveled a long way, all through these sixty years and are now not just free from the British rule but also from the social chains, thanks to the education. And you don’t have to be perturbed to see the matrimonial columns of our newspapers still divided into Sharma’s and Gupta’s and the fact that every column still starts from a beautiful word ‘fair’! 
Not just this we’ve become smarter to say all this, to discuss all this and to, in our best way, inspire others to work, with these words imprinted on the lifeless paper, every now and then, so that by the mere satisfaction of having said it, we go for a sound, carefree sleep, just to wake up next morning and like true nation lovers, re-read the same issues, and yet re-discuss them!!