Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Knocked at my heart's door

Rushing through the day’s activities
I heard a soft knock at my heart’s door,
Beautiful eyes delighted by surroundings,
Persuaded me to ignore, ignore the useless cacophonies
And the wise brain’s tyrannous master, the complacency
Commanded him to go right away
And the innocent, ingenuous returned without a word.
Faithful ears heard the regressing steps,
But failed to say, for the music of world was loud
Loud enough to overshadow the song of life.

But my eternal friend, my unconditional comrade,
Came back, with the steps as kind as ever,
With a pure heart that holds no grievances
It knocked again at my heart’s window,

And I remembered,
I remembered the tears it wiped off my eyes,
The beautiful flowers of hope it gifted me,
And the promise that I shall never forget my never-failing friend.

And that today again, when I’m sailing in the ocean of thoughts
Countless, infinite, eternal, entangled thoughts,
All lined up against my own self,
And my judicious mind enjoying the battle,
The battle of thoughts, stronger than me
It came silently and sat beside me,
To make me realize a smile can do it all,
For a sweet smile washed with the pure milk of humanity
Is no less than His own word
And no thought is strong enough to overshadow it.