Friday, January 29, 2010

Sadly, we prefer stones to men; we really do

The moment any child comes to his senses, senseless enough to recognize visually, he starts recognizing his parents, grandparents and siblings. And apart from this any Indian child starts recognizing something made of stone, beautifully carved, with lots of diyas, sweets , soothing music and holy men in yellow-orange accompanying it. Ah! That’s God almighty. He grows up, bowing everyday in front of Him; and i was no different. In fact, I would rather say, I’m no different.
But as I grew up, old enough to peep out of that window, yet innocent enough to not understand the complexities of life whenever anything went wrong, or I would see anyone crying, begging on the streets, I always thought, why the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient doesn't help them? Why He remained calm, silent spectator to all that wrong was being done?
And today, I realized that we the mighty, intellectual humans, His so called most wise creations, were wiser than He thought of us to be. Oh yes!! That’s the truth. Kudos to us! We prefer to pray mute stones for they cannot stand up in front of us and say "Hey you! You liar! You've been telling me since last ten days you’ll not lie. Everyday, you come to me and tell me 'this is the last lie I'm speaking.'.” And nor would those idols get into the detailed analysis of all those good and bad transactions, and all those profits. So we really really do prefer them. You see, it has a dual advantage - You get a certificate of so called holy person, sacred and religious, pious at your heart; And besides, your almighty cannot even say a word and you are free enough to do whatever pleases you.
The truth is we turn to those silent, muted, self-made idols because we don’t want ourselves to be questioned by His messengers. And when He speaks something through His messengers; Well, we call it stupid, mindless, verbose lecture by some nerd who has lost the balance of His mind, has enjoyed His life and is now spending a fun time vomiting all this that He must have heard somewhere from some baaba on those stupid TV channels!!
And unknowingly, we miss the nectar of the fruit of that unrealized, unknown sweet prayer of our soul whose innocent prayer was heard by the Father even though the child had deceived Him infinite times deceiving Him once more for nothing.