Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The untrodden ways

Walking through the untrodden ways,
Stepping over the rocks, I swayed
Looking down the valley, I saw
Weary, hollow eyes, searching for happiness
Stumbling on and on, I went further on the way,
Down the valley, I saw,
Crying, lonely, heart, searching for the way,
Sympathized with the broken heart, lonely eyes,
I moved further, tripping on the pebbles
Surprised I was, to see my lost friend,
With the chains, all around, forging ahead
Giving me a helping hand, at every impasse
There he was once again,
Those hollow eyes, that lonely heart,
That heavy chain of remorse,
All created by me, my selfishness
All forgotten by me, my greed
He was carrying them all along,
On his back, stooping by their weights,
We talked of beautiful memories,
He taught me the ways of life and truth,
I promised to be there always,
To which he smiled, and escorted me,
To the garden of life, the garden of love,
The garden of happiness, the garden of desires,
I swayed once again, I stumbled again
But the helping hand was not there,
For I realized too late, I had swayed
With the beauty of flowers, the freshness of leaves,
With the sweetness of fruits, the beauty of birds,
With the lake of selfishness, clouds of arrogance,
Too far, too happy, too busy,
To send a smile to my never-failing friend.