Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I live with you.....

We often look around, observe and judge various people. We find their mistakes and analyze their wrong doings or may be respect their noble deeds and good actions. There're some whom we hate, some we deeply love and revere, while there're still others who don't matter to us. And when we think about our life, about happiness and sadness, about pain and pleasure, it's these people, who surround us, in the form of family, teachers, friends and may be even foes, that we actually think of. But in trying to understand those around us, we often are unable to understand ourselves, the one with whom we actually live. Yes, we first live with ourself, in thoughts, in character, in words, in behaviour, though without realizing. It's actually the swimology of life, topology of soul, physiology of self, that;s more important than geology or for that sake any study.


Anonymous said...

i am proud ,
i am indian air force Solider.
Ye mere "BHART Ma" KE Lal Labz Aap do, Geet ham bnayenge ;Manjil Aap Dundo Rasta ham bnayenge, Khush Aap Raho , Khushiya ham dilayenge'' "Desbasiyo " Aap bus Dost bane raho, Dosti ham nibhayenge.J...AY HIND.....................!

Priya Juneja said...

Jai Hind :) :)