Friday, April 29, 2011

Behaviour vs Belief

I owe my life, my ways, my demeanor to two kinds of people - the ones who have affected my behavior and the others who have altered my beliefs. While I believe that behavior comes by domestication, belief needs inspiration. And I am thankful to both kind of people, but I am indebted to the second. The difference between behavior and belief is the one between politeness and respect. The one, who respects you, would be polite towards you because being respectful is the belief. On the other hand, that someone is polite to you does not necessarily mean he respects you because politeness is just a behavior. It's sad that we all being intellectual human beings think about tangibles rather than intangibles. Because we believe in seeing and tangibles can be seen, while intangibles can only be felt. And we forget that given the same colors, two equally good painters cannot make exactly same paintings. Given the same ingredients, two cooks cannot make same dish with exactly same taste. Given the same education, two people cannot have exactly same knowledge. And it’s nothing but that unknown, unseen, uncountable element of uniqueness – the reflection of their inner self that makes them different. Because paintings are not always about colors, dishes are not always to satiate the hunger, education is not just about knowledge – these things are about us and our Self.