Thursday, January 31, 2013

The pyramid of friendship

With some I share my feelings of love and deepest fears,
I cherish those moments of joy and despair,
I hold dear those hours of slogging for work.

With some others, I share that lovely tear,
I cherish those moments of encouragement and appreciation,
I hold dear those hours of mindless blabber.

And then there are yet some more, I treasure just a lovely smile,
I cherish those moments of respect and sympathy,
I hold dear that instant of help and support.

Looks like it's a huge pyramid of friends and well-wishers,
But there's something common about all of them,
Close friends, good friends, work friends, play friends, all of them,
Together they taught me the toughest lessons of life,
Together they inspired me to look beyond ambition,
Together they rejuvenated my faith in love, care and respect,
Together they touched my soul giving it a life of its own.


KK said...

I think it is the small, unexpected things done by friends that matter more than the big but expected ones.

When you are gonna fall off a cliff, you obviously expect your friends to save you. But when you are down with some disappointment and want to be left alone, and some friend comes along and soothes you even if you do not exactly want that,... nothing matches that feeling :-)

Priya Juneja said...

Very well said, Karunesh! By the way, your blog "More not than often" is really nice; I read a couple of posts.

KK said...

Thanks for your kind words.

I got to know about your blog from the one and only Ankit Gupta.