Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My hateful love for life

I hate this life so deeply,
Almost as deeply as i love it
Hasting through the path of life
I slowed down, just to see
Those shattered dreams
lying unfulfilled in the shackles
yearning to come alive some day.
Those scared faces,
Counting every tick of the clock in His hope,
Waiting to be liberated from atrocities of life
Intricately designed with care by their fellow mates
Those beseeching eyes,
drowned in the ocean of tears,
All lined up at the shore,
And waves asking for shelter in me.

I hate this life so deeply,
Almost as deeply I love it
Filled with momentary emotions and love,
I thought if I could help
Only to realize, I was no stronger than them
Acutely handicapped by the strings of materialistic society,
Entrapped deeply in those luxuries,
That are now closer to me than my creator Himself
Those games of names and fames played with my half burnt soul
Those trumpets of good and bad that blown with pride
Those words of kindness and benevolence written only to be imprinted on that paper
Are all too good to be left
For those shattered dreams, that are not mine
For those scared faces, whom I call strangers
For those beseeching eyes, which are more than I can care for.

A heavy chain of guilt and remorse
Is forged around my soul
Which says, thrusting it upon the human nature
Ways of society and life, on human mortality
Would still render me helpless, shamfaced
For deep within my heart I know
With myself I drag it always
Unseen, unintended, undesired and unknown!