Monday, February 1, 2010

Those gaps between the words.......

Those spaces between the words, of even the best of sentences,
By the mightiest of people, are not just empty spaces
Though they lie unnoticed, visible yet unknown, accessible yet unexplored
They teach some lessons of the life, invaluable and unsaid lessons.

Those spaces between the words , are not just empty spaces
As swift as the wind through the leaves, thoughts through faith
As pure as the smile in the dreams, shine in the eyes
As deep as the silence of chaos, words of care
As wider as the space between souls , the distance between Him and me.

Those spaces between the words, are empty spaces,
They entrap with them a world, an infinite world,
They speak a thousand words, different from those said or written,
They seize a million colours, all lined up in the shelter of thoughts.