Sunday, February 28, 2010

To be or not to be

You go to temple everyday to give milk and water to idols? You want to be an engineer, doctor, CA? Great!! Go ahead! You're at the right path. You want to be a painter, a writer, a photographer, a musician? Oh! Sorry, there less chances that you would succeed because Rohan's father told me that his brother's son tried hard to be a painter but couldn't earn anything. And you know, Neha's mother told me that she didn't let Neha be a writer. She has got Neha admitted into an engineering college by paying a donation of 16 lakhs. All this is useless, only good to dream but not realizable...
And you'll ,meet at least a thousand heads who would present you different reasons that you aren't capable of doing what you want to or what you want to do is useless! Trust me, you've more capillaries than the number of people you meet and don't forget that each infuses in you the life, so that you can do what you want to, what you think is the message of your life. When you'll breathe your last minutes in some hospital you won't think good or bad about what your profession is but what you are, what your life has been , and whether or not have you been fair and honest to yourself and others. There's much more to life. Besides profession is just a tool of spreading your message. Important part is the message, the aim; and not the communication channel.