Friday, March 26, 2010

Four reflections in the mirror of time that show what you're

1. Behaviour with those we don't like : It's not difficult to be sweet, polite and patient to those whom we love or those who love us, but what actually tells whether we're kind or not, whether we are polite or not, the way we talk to those whom we don't like.
2. What we speak at the back of others : Again, it's no big deal to treat someone with respect when he's there with us but what matters is whether those words of love, respect and honour prevail once the person or more so, the authority he has fades away.
3. What we do when we're alone : To be dishonest is bad, but to use honesty to gain benefits explicitly is even worse. We might say in front of others that yes, it's wrong to lie but if we lie the next moment when we know there's no trap, then we definitely aren't different than others. A crow painted white cannot capture the beauty of a dove for too long!
4. When we're in crisis : When we're in a crisis situation, and we know that only something unethical can save us, it's our decision whether to choose the ethics or a small victory that decide the foundation of our principles.


Aman said...

Ye theek hai, matlab mujhe toh nahi samajh aaya, par kisi ko toh aa sakta hai.... kam se kam dots nahi hain isme....aadha dimaag toh mera teri dots hi kharaab karti hain...oopar se miror, reflection, time....papa ko bolunga doctor paas le jaao ise...

Yashna said...

Priya... Great one!! This one's really close to my heart, I must tell you! Not everyone is intellectual enough to understand this!! Great Work